Centsible {2019}



Centsible is a mobile app designed to promote better saving habits using goal and budget prompts to earn points and money into the users TFSA savings account. The user's card activity determines the suggested budgets and goals. This way, every challenge is always to benefits the users. This process promotes mindfulness of the users spending and saving while challenging them to achieve their goals for financial success. 

Goal Setting & Rewards

Let's Talk Money

TFSA Savings Account

The minimum age for opening a TFSA is 18. As this is the earlier end of my target audience, starting out with a TFSA account is not as restricted as an RRSP. As these users may be unfamiliar, with the restrictions of an RRSP, this a more flexible option (in regards to withdrawls and amount they can put into this savings account) to start creating those successful saving habits. 

Activity Tracking & Overviews

What's the big deal?

More than a Banking App

The users activity determines the budgets and goals. This way, every challenge is always to benefit the unique user. This process promotes mindfulness of personal spending and saving while motivating the user to better themself. The more budgets completed and goals made turned into points equivalent to real money saved. This goes directly into your tfsa account to save for the future. 

UI Kit



Motion Graphics


Product Design

Personal Finance

Tools Used

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe After Effects 



Sept - Dec 2019