High-Fructose {2019}

time-based  motion  experimental

High-Fructose is an experimental time-based piece that highlights the beauty of refined sugar by providing a new perspective of the subject matter. The 65mm lens captures the candy in a way that intends to evoke familiarity of forms found in nature.


Why a macro piece? & Why candy?

Having free-range of this project truly inspired me to go out of my comfort zone of filming. Therefore I chose to experiment with technology I had never used before. I had found inspiration from macro videos that explored more explosive liquid or bubble like textures.


The concept of making something so small look so massive, and somewhat familiar to the viewer, was the concept I ran with. Basically a change in perspective. It began with the idea of capturing cotton candy, and its changing state when a liquid was added. This inital thought snowballed into a very sweet feast for the eyes


Small but Mighty

In my very small set up, I used a Canon EOS with a 65mm macro lens. This lens provides a crisp magnified view of a subject but it becomes extremely sensitive to movement, which results in shaky video without proper stabilization. Therefore, I also used a DGI Ronin to stabilize and record the subject.

The final shots were filmed over a 3 day period.


Candy, but cooler.

To keep it simple, I video taped some candy. However, the concept and final piece that derived from this captured a different perspective of such a mass-consumed product. It provokes familiarity of forms in nature and intends to be visually satisfying to watch. (if that's not instagram worthy, I don't know what is.)


Motion Design

Time-Based Communication


YouTube Audio Library
 "Ticker" by Silent Partner.


Tools Used

CANON 65mm lens

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe After Effects

Adobe Premiere Pro


Sept-Dec 2018