Standard {2020}


Standard is a responsible fashion label concept built on four main areas of certification for fashion companies on a global scale. Standard would work with four credible partner certifications to create these standards that must be met in each area. These partners are Global Organic Textile Standard, Cradle to Cradle, OKEO-TEX and Fair Trade Textile Production. Together, Standard's label stands out and celebrates responsible fashion brands and gives consumers the confidence to purchase legitimate responsible garments.


The Big Questions

How can we provide a system to better regulate sustainability to increase consumer choice of responsible fashion over fast-fashion?

Topic of Discussion

Why is this important?


The rate at which fast-fashion brands release clothing is negatively impacting the environment. Standard would allow brands that are legitimately responsible in their textiles, circulation, labor and chemicals to honestly and effectively stand out among the many dominant fast-fashion companies. It's time we put the power into the hands of responsible fashion brands and companies instead of overexposing those who are not. 

Zara, on average, releases 500 new designs a week and 20,000 per year. - Hampton, R


In today’s climate, I feel consumers are becoming more aware of the future of fashion and its environmental impact. A lot of fashion brands have used this ‘trend’ of green purchasing to their advantage to advertise themselves as ‘sustainable.’ These large companies are beautifying the idea of responsible fashion when in reality and it
is these exact brands that are one of the largest  contributors to negative environmental and social impact. 

The process of conveying a false impression or providing misleading information about how a company’s products are more environmentally sound. - Kenton, W


Studies have show that consumers are interested in purchasing responsible fashion, but their actions do not line up with this intention. With the terms such as  ‘eco-conscious’ eco-friendly’ being used as a marketing advantage to fast-fashion brands who are not completely responsible, it can cause confusion to consumers. Thus, fast fashion purchases occur but with the intention of purchasing responsibly. Consumers can be confident in purchasing Standard certified products, knowing it is completely credible and responsible. 

The discrepancies between consumer attitudes and sustainable consumption behaviour - McKeown, C, Shearer, L.

The Deliverables

A Responsible Fashion Label

The Standard label uniquely works with four different organizations that provide certification. This allows for collaboration, community, confidence and the up most credibility. The visual identity of Standard followed. Standard's colors aim to be inviting and distinct to each organization to allow for a visual representation of the collaboration to create the S, which stands for Standard. Opening up the opportunities for dynamic uses such as motion, the logo is designed from simple shapes that be be used as patterns, icons etc. 

Primary Target Audience

The Brands

Connecting with the brands on a more informative level was very important. The booklet not only creates a narrative for who and what Standard is, but a lifestyle attached to this once involved in the certification. It is a call to action for brands interested in obtaining this certification label. Brands that are eligible in each area and are actively participating in responsible fashion production can use this as an opportunity to stand out amongst the rest of the fast-fashion brands. The fact that Standard would be making strides in the right direction, especially in today's climate that surrounds itself with more green marketing and consumers, is a very enticing attribute for this audience.

Secondary Target Audience

The Consumers

Outside of the consumers coming in direct contact with the printed clothing tags, I wanted to reach out to this audience in a digital space (directly circling back to my original inspiration that stemmed from the digital world of fast fashion). This motion graphic video creates an inviting space to encourage the consumers to become aware, if not already, about Standard and its importance to the consumer's confidence in purchasing responsible clothing. It also aims to relate to the consumers who feel overwhelmed by the current fast-fashion brands.


Motion Graphics




Tools Used

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe After Effects 


Sept 2019 - Mar 2020

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