Sweet Relief {2019}
Adobe Design Awards 2019 - Top Talent

identity • package  • branding

Sweet Relief is a bandage brand that innovates the way individuals dispense bandages and interact with the package. Gathering influence from a tape dispenser, The bandages are rolled inside the packages, and easily pulled through to rip and apply as needed. This tactic is both entertaining and sanitary, since the roll is contained inside the package until pulled out.


Why honey?

Honey has been used for wound healing for many years dating back to ancient Egyptians. The wounds would be treated with honey and wrapped in bandages. Medical-grade honey infused bandages do exist, a brand for example would be MediHoney. Using this information as inspiration I decided to design a brand that also used honey-infused pads but take a more creative, innovated approach to the package and accompanying sets. 


Endless Prototypes

For several weeks, I developed multiple prototypes that used this idea of pulling bandages out of a container to then tear and use. While creating the actual product, brainstorming the branding for this product was also taking place. From the extensive research done before hand, the colors and characters on the package are highly influenced from the use of honey in this product. 


Mindful Design

With accessibility and the target audience in mind, it was decided that adding basic ‘grade one braille’ would benefit children as well as their families. These two being

the target audience. The basic information included in braille is the product type ‘bandages,’ as well as the sizes for each bandage and the directions to use the package properly. The messages on the bandages alternate between “bee happy” and “smile.”


Needing a bandage in most situations commonly means there is a wound, which can be an upsetting event. The friendly bee design and happy braille messages on the bandages are intended to provide a sense of comfort and happiness to ease the pain from the wound.  

Designed to be Seen

These packages can be stacked or used individually, depending on which bandage is needed. Due to the thoughtful design, there is no need to keep this product tucked away in a medicine cabinet. It may be displayed on a bathroom counter for more accessible use while complimentary to the space.  





Awards Recieved:

Adobe 2019 TOP TALENT


Tools Used

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Laser Cutter

Vinyl Printer


Sept - Dec 2018

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